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With Memorial Day approaching quickly, here are a few tips to keep your furry family members safe.
1. Keep grills, open flames, or barbecues closed off to pets. No one wants their pets getting burnt.
2. Keep people food and drinks out of any pets reach. We often are serving cheeseburgers, having a few drinks, or digging into that chocolate cake on Memorial Day. Those things might be safe for us, but are definitely not for pets. Some foods can cause severe GI upset and in some cases even death. Here is a link for more information https://www.avma.org/resources/pet-owners/petcare/household-hazards
3. Watching the heat can help your dog stay safe outside. Keeping fresh water your dog has access to and allowing them inside to cool off can keep them safe from heatstroke and sunburn.
4. If you plan spending time on the lake or by any body of water it’s important to place a life jacket on your dog or to make sure they can’t swim too far away from you.
5. If you are hosting a gathering or going to one with your pet, keep in mind any places they can get away from you. A backyard with an open gate, a front door that wasn’t shut are just two places a pet can run out of. Keeping them in a quiet room or at home can help avoid any losses. As always, please keep collars with information on your pets to help with returning them home if they do become lost.
Hopefully some of these tips can help keep your pets safe. We will be closed for Memorial Day, but if you have any emergencies please call some of the resources listed on our website.